PROTEUS License Manager
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Proteus library is a licensing system for Embarcadero Delphi programmers. Proteus helps you "sell" your program to your customers. With Proteus library you can create demo/trial versions of your application that are time-limited or feature-limited.


Typical usage

Deliver your application to your customers where it will work for a period of time (Trial period) then it will switch to Demo mode where program's functionality is severely crippled, or a "nag" screen is shown to encourage the customer to purchase a license.

Once the customers pays you email the Unlock Key to him. The customer enters the key and the program switches back from Trial/Demo to Fully-Functional mode.

Delphi trial protection and licensing system Pascal library

Delphi licensing system for trial and protection


 Software Access

Temporary/permanent license:

Limited/total access to your software modules:

Based on which license the customer purchased you will send him a unlock key that unlocks


One ring to rule them all
Proteus is really easy to use: you only have to write a single one line of code in order to integrate Proteus in your application:


procedure TMyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);



If the keys are leaked by your customers on serial/cracking web sites you can immediately take measure by invalidating the leaked keys. Also, Proteus has measures put in place to make sure the customer does not try to temper with the Trial period or with the license key he has received.


Download the source code of the demo application (compiled EXE also available). The download also contains the headers of the Proteus library.



The Delphi source code is available for $99. We only accept orders from corporate customers (companies with own domain/email address). We no longer accept orders from anonymous domains (such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN). We might request some identity proof (like ID/passport) if your business identity is not clear.



How to use Proteus License Manager?